Our Lower Bourne location has a stunning indoor pool complex within the grounds of a private house.
We offer bespoke small group and private lessons at this beautiful pool for preschool and school aged beginners & improvers.

Pool Details

Our Lower Bourne pool is located within the grounds of a private house and is housed in its fantastic brick pool complex. There is parking on site for around 6 cars and additional parking available on the quiet road outside the house. We will advise you which area to park in.

The pool itself is 7.5m long and 4m wide and is a constant 1.8m deep. The pool has a large ledge which is 1.15m deep at one end. The pool is kept at a very pleasant 31c and is suitable for preschool and school aged beginner and improver abilities and private lessons.  We are also able to hold adult lessons and aqua aerobics classes here.

Due to the pool size and quality we are offering very small group (a maximum of 3 children per class) and private 1:2 and 1:1 lessons here. There are two classes running side by side in each half hour with a very maximum of 6 children swimming at any one time.

The pool complex includes a conservatory changing room, large shower room and separate toilet facilities. Seating is available on poolside for parents to watch the lessons and doubles as additional changing space if desired.

Anyone entering the pool complex must wear a pair of the blue overshoes provided in the entrance or remove their shoes. Please ensure all children use the toilet and have a quick shower before their lesson start time and take a seat on poolside quietly once you are ready.

We fully appreciate that it is very enjoyable and rewarding for parents to watch their children learning to swim and share their enthusiasm. We politely ask that parents refrain from talking to their children whilst lessons are taking place as this draws the children’s attention away from the teacher and the lesson, which can be very dangerous. If you feel by watching the lessons on poolside your child is becoming distracted and not reaching their potential we are more than happy for parents to wait in the changing room or in their car whilst lessons take place. Please do not leave the site in case of emergency.

Please change in a timely manner after your lesson has finished and leave the site quietly.

Class Set Up & Lesson Costs

Preschool classes have a maximum of just 3 children per class, with two classes running side by side in each half hour. Classes are £33.00 per month by direct debit.

For school aged classes we offer classes of 1, 2 or 3 children per class, with two classes running side by side in each half hour and a maximum of 6 children swimming in the pool at any one time.

School aged group classes of 3 children are £33.00 per month by direct debit.

Classes of 2 children are £52.50 per month by direct debit.

Private classes of 1 child will be £85.50 per month by direct debit.

January 2019 Provisional Timetable

We are newly commencing lessons at our Lower Bourne pool in January 2019. Our provisional timetable, subject to bookings and likely due to expand, is currently scheduled as follows:

Monday 2.30-5.30pm

Tuesday 2.30-5.30pm

Friday 10.00-11.00am

Friday 3.30-5.30pm

To book in for these newly starting classes please complete a booking form. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis and are filling up quickly.

Distances/Travel Times

Our Lower Bourne is very accessible with approximate journey times as follows:

Tongham pool – 12 minutes
Long Sutton pool – 18 minutes

Frensham – 3 minutes
Rowledge – 4 minutes
Farnham station – 7 minutes
Runfold – 10 minutes
Wrecclesham – 5 minutes
Bentley – 8 minutes
Tilford – 8 minutes
Churt – 8 minutes
Hindhead – 13 minutes
Elstead – 13 minutes
Holybourne – 12 minutes
Bordon – 13 minutes