We recruit and train our own teachers from scratch, offering a fully comprehensive three year training program ON TOP of the formal STA qualifications. This ensure our exceptional teaching standards across all our classes and allows us to mold our teachers to fit in perfectly within the swim school. You will likely see some of our fab trainees at the pools, assisting your classes.

All our full teachers are fully qualified and experienced, undergo a child protection course, hold full insurance and lifesaving qualifications as a minimum. Qualifications and training are updated on a regular basis.

All qualified teachers joining us undergo an integration program including an induction and shadowing to ensure they are teaching to our high standards and our classes are consistent throughout.

It is possible to take a combined teaching qualification at 16 and be “let loose” to teach unsupervised the next day. This is not only shocking to us, but also potentially dangerous and we are proud to say all our teachers are incredibly experienced before they are teaching on their own.

If you are interested in becoming a swimming teacher please do contact us!