By joining us for lessons you accept and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

If you would like to join us for weekly lessons you can join at the start of term (week 1 or 2) or at half term, depending on availability.

To join us please complete the booking form online and our bookings team will be in touch with you to discuss class options within one working day. Once a suitable space is agreed we will post and email confirm to you, along with our information brochure, the term dates and our products.

We always assess our newly starting children and all our returning swimmers the first week of term and sometimes find they would benefit from a different class ability than originally agreed. This may result in a time change and we will advise you of this once term is underway. Classes must be a same ability in order to be progressive for all.

All payments are taken by monthly direct debit via “GoCardless” our direct debit system only. We do not accept cash, cheque or BACS payments for lessons.

As standard payments are taken on the 2nd of each month – if you would prefer an alternative payment date please email us to arrange this. Payments are taken from December – March for the January term, April – July for the summer term and August – November for the winter term (one month in advance). If you join us part-way through the term payments may be split over two or three months as most appropriate.

Lesson prices are approximately £8.30 per lesson at our Tongham and Long Sutton pools (classes of 4), £12.40 per lesson for our Birthlight baby & toddler classes (classes of 5 pairs), £10.00 per lesson at our Lower Bourne pool (classes of 3), £10.75 for preschool classes at our Grayshott pool (classes of 3), £9.00 per lesson for school aged classes at our Grayshott pool (classes of 4) or £26.30 per lesson for private 1:1 lessons.

There is a one off £5 membership fee per child when joining us which reserves your space and includes a free Seahorses swimming hat.

If you have four or more children/adults swimming with us from the same family at the same time we offer a 10% discount on your total fees.

Our prices will be such to a small percentage increase each year, in line with yearly pool hire cost increases and teacher salary increases.

We run a refer a friend discount scheme all year round. If you have been referred to us by an existing swimming (whom has already completed at least two weekly lessons with us) please let us know at the time of booking. Both you and your friend will receive a £10 discount on your next monthly payment.  

One referral per child or adult that currently swims with us per term. Seahorses reserve the right to remove or amend this offer at any time.

Your space is automatically carried forwards and guaranteed each term. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your lessons at the end of term we must receive 6 weeks term time notice in writing. Failure to give such notice will result in a 1.5 month fee being payable. Lessons cannot be cancelled part-way through a term – the space is booked and paid for, for the entire term. We will notify you of the notice period each term by email and remind you before the final deadline.

If you need to change time, day or venue for the following term please email us before the notice period deadline. We will endeavour to find a suitable space for you but cannot guarantee movement at half term or at the end of the term.

Classes are reviewed at the end of each term. Generally the classes tend to progress together as a group but if for any reason a different group would be more suitable to your child’s ability we will notify you and suggest alternative classes. For a group class to run there must be at least two children of the same ability for preschool and school aged classes and three children for Birthlight baby and toddler classes – for this reason some classes may dissolve if they become too small to function and we will suggest alternative classes. 

If your child would benefit from progressing to one of our larger pools we will email to advise you and suggest your nearest suitable pool.

Newly children joining us and returning swimmers are all assessed the first weeks of term to check they are in the most appropriate ability class. This may result in us suggesting a change of day, time or pool if the class is not best suited to your child.

If we are unable to find a suitable class for you after the notice period deadline you will not be charged the notice period fee.

When joining us you book and pay for your space for the whole term. No refunds are given for lessons not attended for any reason including illness, holiday etc.

If you attend private lessons we will aim to arrange an alternative lesson where possible if we are notified of a lesson you are unable to attend in advance (e.g. at the beginning of the term), but please bear in mind this may not be with your normal teacher and may not always be possible as we have still booked and paid for the pool time and your teacher for the session as a block.

We operate a no refund policy. With running classes at such competitive prices and ensuring our teachers receive good rates for their fantastic lessons we are very heavily affected by cancellations. In the event of lesson cancellations we still pay our teachers their full rate for the whole session, unlike many other swim schools, as we strongly believe this is the right thing to do. This means we absorb any cancellations costs ourselves. In order to be sustainable and able to continue providing our classes we do not issue refunds for any cancelled classes.

In the unlikely event that lesson is cancelled by us, due to any reason such as pool closure or teacher illness, this lesson will be carried forward as a credit. You can use your credit during swim weeks or any other additional one off sessions during the term. You can also transfer your credit to another of your children if needed or desired (for the same lesson price). We like to ensure consistency in our classes so do not allow credit lessons during the ‘normal’ term.

Credits can be carried forward term to term, so if you are unable to attend your extra lesson during the term you can attend a lesson the following term. If you discontinue lessons you will lose the credit.

If a lesson is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions the lesson will not be credited as these matters are outside our control.

At Seahorses we treat every child as an individual and provide support for every child in the way in which they need it. All medical information is kept private and confidential and only shared with your child’s teachers, or if serious with the teachers at your session in case of emergency situations.

If your child has a medical condition you must notify us when completing the booking form and joining. Failure to notify us of medical conditions can be dangerous and impede your child’s progress.

Please give as much information as possible and include ways in which we can adapt our lessons to help your child with their swimming. We also have the option of providing additional assistants in the water if your child would benefit from this, at an additional cost. We are also able to provide private lessons and will discuss with you whether this would be beneficial for your child and review each term.

If your child wears glasses please let us know – prescription goggles may be used by any child with an eye condition. If your child has grommets please let us know and inform us whether they are able to take part in submersions, jumping in etc. Ear plugs and head bands may be worn.

If there are any changes to your child’s medical information you must update us as soon as possible.

Please ensure your child is fit to swim each week. No one may enter the pool if they have an open wound (with a plaster over or otherwise), any infectious disease, cough, cold, ear infection, eye infection, head lice or stomach upset.

Please do not bring your children swimming if they have visible signs of a cold (running nose/coughing). Viruses are very easily spread at swimming pools and although your children may feel okay they may well pass on their cold to other swimmers or to our teachers, potentially resulting in lesson cancellations!

Swimmers should not enter the water for a minimum or 14 days after experiencing unexplained diarrhoea or 48 hours after a D & V bug.

If your child has a verruca they may swim as normal and do not require a verruca sock as there is no evidence that verruca’s are passed on at swimming pools and the socks are ineffective and out-dated. Please cover the verruca with a waterproof plaster.

If your child has chicken pox you will need to wait until the scabs have fallen off before swimming.

Babies do not require vaccinations before attending lessons.

Anyone entering the pool must shower beforehand. Showering with water alone removes up to 80% of the oils and bacteria on the skin which makes for a more pleasant swimming experience for everyone. This also enables us to keep chemical levels lower in the pool.

Any child who is not yet fully toilet trained must wear a double nappy system i.e. swim nappy (we recommend a washable/reusable nappy as this is more environmentally friendly, and you will be washing swim kit anyway!) and a confinement nappy (NOT a normal nappy). All swimmers should use the toilet before swimming. Please do not leave dirty nappies in the bins or anywhere else at any of our pools. Nappies should be taken away with you and disposed of properly, not left in bins in the changing rooms or toilets.

Due to the nature & design of our Tongham pool we have a large communal/family changing room. The far right hand changing area from entering the changing room has a curtain for privacy if desired. Please be aware that both male and female parents may be accompanying their children to lessons and during our Birthlight baby and toddler classes both mums and dads may be swimming with their little ones.

At our Puttenham we have more limited changing space so keep the number of different families to a minimum during sessions. We have a communal changing/shower/toilet room which can accommodate 2-3 families changing at one time. We also have several changing areas on poolside with curtaining.  Please feel free to use any changing area so your children feels most comfortable.

At our Lower Bourne pool we have a communal changing conservatory, additional changing space on poolside if needed and a large shower room which can be used for privacy if desired.

At Lord Wandsworth College we have male and female changing rooms. Parents must adhere to the Changing Room Policy (Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.) This states that children aged 8 years and over must use the correct gender changing room. Accompanying adults must also use the correct gender changing room. There is also an additional smaller staff changing area in the female changing room which our older swimmers are welcome to use for additional privacy.

Please notify us if you are concerned about any use of the changing facilities.

Anyone entering poolside must remove their shoes, or at Lord Wandsworth College cover their shoes with the blue overshoes provided by the school.

We have removed the blue overshoes from all our private pools so as to reduce our plastic waste and ensure a cleaner changing room, as the overshoes tear easily and still allow a lot of dirt to enter the changing room.

Please be aware that poolside can be very warm and ensure you are dressed appropriately. Any siblings/other children watching the lessons are the responsibility of their parents and must be seated well away from poolside and under supervision at all times. We are not responsible for any persons watching the lessons. Please try and keep to one parent per family watching wherever possible at our private pools as space is limited.

We take responsibility for our swimmers from when they are in the water for their lessons only. Seahorses do not accept responsibility if swimmers leave the pool for any reason during the lesson (e.g. toilet breaks).

When the children are in the water it is imperative that parents do not communicate with their children outside a thumbs up/smile of encouragement (and sometimes tears of joy!) Whilst we fully appreciate it is enjoyable for parents to watch the lessons it is imperative for safety that the children’s attention is on the teacher and the lesson at all time. If we feel your child is being distracted or not reaching their full potential we may suggest waiting in the changing room or car during the lesson.

Any problems such as toilet breaks, if a child is upset during the lesson, loose goggles etc will be dealt with by our caring and experienced teachers. It is very common for our new preschoolers and younger children to take a couple of weeks to settle into the lessons as it is all very new for them and we are very experienced in dealing with this.

No food and drink (except water/nursing) glass or talcum powder are allowed on poolside or in the changing rooms. All litter must be taken away or disposed of properly in the bins provided. Please help us to keep our pools clean. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on any of our sites.

Parents/guardians must remain on site unless we have a prior agreement. We must have a correct mobile number for you at all times.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave poolside at any time. We do not accept ill-treatment of any of our members of staff and all conversations had at the pool must be polite and appropriate for the situation. We do not discuss any swimmers apart from your own with you, so please do not make comments about other children either at the pool or in private.

Photography or videoing is not permitted at any of our pools in accordance with our Child Protection Policies. Please respect this rule and do not attempt to take photos/videos without us realising. Our teachers do not give permission for any photos/videos taken without our knowledge to be published anywhere online.

Seahorses may wish to take photographs and videos during your lessons for use on our website or Facebook page. When completing a booking form please state whether or not you are happy for us to take photographs/videos of your child/ren. We will always ask in advance if we would like to take any photos of our classes, giving parents time to refuse if desired.

All swimmers (with the exception of Birthlight baby classes) are required to wear a swimming hat. Newly joining swimmers will receive a free hat at their first lesson. If you need to purchase additional hats these are £4.00 cash and can be purchased at the pools. We have lovely polyester fabric hats in both small and large sizes. Swimming hats help keep our pools clean and also keep long hair off of faces when swimming.

Goggles are only permitted for use by children who have completed the all 6 beginner awards (at least 7m on front and back unaided.) It is very dangerous for children to become reliant on goggles. If they were to have an accident and fall into unknown water it is highly unlikely they would have their goggles with them. For this reason we do not encourage the use of goggles in any of our classes (except in case of medical condition) and we have “no goggles” weeks each term.

Please ensure your child’s swimwear is appropriate. Excessively baggy trunks or costumes will only hinder your child’s progress. Our private pools are lovely and warm so your child should not require a wetsuit – these provide a false sense of buoyancy and can restrict movement. If for any reason your child is chilly in lessons we are happy for them to wear a wetsuit if needed. Our Lord Wandsworth pool is maintained at competitive standards with a water temperature of 28 degrees, so we do recommend wetsuits for young/cold swimmers.

Due to the depth of some of our pools and in order to progress quickly our preschool children and those unstable holding the woggle wear a pair of arm discs (polos) which we provide. All newly joining preschoolers will start their first lesson with a pair of polos on until we have seen their ability, at which time we will remove them if appropriate. We will remove the arm discs as soon as your child has a correct body position, can kick across the pool efficiently unassisted (with a woggle/float) on the front and back and can hold the woggle safely at all times. We may continue to use the arm discs when swimming with arms and legs as reducing the number over time is a great way to progress.

Arm discs no NOT hinder your child’s progress and often allow us to get far more swimming done during lessons as we do not have to sit the children on the side between swims for safety or swim one at a time.

Parking instructions will be made available to you for your specific pool. Please drive slowly and carefully around all sites, with extreme caution. Please park courteously and ensure all children walk to and from all our pools quietly and sensibly. Parents are responsible for their children at all times apart from when in the water with our teachers.

At our Tongham pool we have incredibly important parking rules – parking is available in the layby opposite and the community centre ONLY. There is no parking available on the road itself under any circumstances. This is part of our commercial license agreement with Guildford Borough Council. If you choose to ignore this rule you will be removed from the swim school as we risk losing the pool if our parents do not comply with this important and simple parking rule. This rule is also in place for your children’s safety as it can be dangerous getting out of a car on to a busy road.

Our Puttenham, Lower Bourne and Long Sutton pools have a mixture of car parks and on-street parking available designated areas which will be detailed to you upon joining. Please ensure you park in the correct area so as not to block in, or be blocked in by other swimmers.

We reserve the right to change or amend our terms and conditions at any time, with changes effective immediately.

All personal details provided to and kept by Seahorses are for our administrative purposes only and will not be passed on to any third parties. Any personal details will remain on file for a maximum of 3 years after discontinuing lessons with us, as which point they will be deleted. All medical information is kept private and confidential and only shared with your child’s teachers.

All written correspondence (including email) between Seahorses and yourself is confidential and should not be shared with anyone else, including if you discontinue lessons with us.

Seahorses do not tolerate abuse of any kind to our staff or any members of our swim school. All members must abide by our rules and terms and conditions. Seahorses reserve the right to end your lessons with us if we deem there has been any kind of abuse or violation of our terms and conditions or pool rules. If for any reason you are unhappy with your lessons, complaints can be made in writing by email or by telephone conversation.

COVID Terms & Conditions

We are extremely excited to be reopening our doors again from the 7th September 2020. It has been an awfully long almost 6-month closure and we are looking forward to seeing all our swimmers again and welcoming some new swimmers as well. There will be some changes to the way in which our classes operate in response to COVID-19. By joining us for lessons you agree to adhere to, to the best of your abilities, the following new procedures:

Lesson Set Up

  • class start times will be staggered by 15 minutes to ensure minimal cross over between swimmers and allow for disinfection of surfaces and equipment between classes
  • classes may be a couple of minutes shorter than normal, particularly whilst we get things underway, to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely

Safety Measures

Here are some of the key safety measures we will have in place at our pools:

  • there will be an additional member of staff at the pool acting as supervisor & cleaner during sessions wherever possible, to ensure incredibly high standards of cleanliness and the smooth running of classes. All areas are disinfected regularly
  • teachers will teach from poolside where it is safe and in the best interest of swimmers to do so
  • teachers will be required to wear face shields when teaching in the water
  • teachers will complete a fit to work assessment at the start of each session
  • anyone aged 12+ entering poolside will be required to wear a face mask unless exempt. Spare disposable masks will be available at the pool if needed, but please bring your own
  • hand sanitising stations will be available throughout the building. We do ask you to bring your own where possible
  • all excess equipment, chairs, changing benches and other non-essential surfaces have been removed throughout the pool complex. All surfaces will be disinfected between users
  • disposable paper towels will replace hand towels in the toilet
  • 2m social distancing will be enforced wherever practically possible
  • anyone entering the pool complex will have a visual wellness check and be asked to confirm they have not had any relevant symptoms
  • all teaching equipment will be disinfected between each user

Arriving for Lessons

  • a one-way system will be in operation around both pool sites. Please do not come round to the poolside doors until a couple of minutes before your class is set to start. If it is raining please wait in the car
  • baby/toddler classes will access the changing rooms before and after swimming as normal
  • all swimmers will need to arrive ‘beach ready’ where possible (except when coming straight from school). Please have your swimming suits on underneath your clothes and be prepared to quickly slip off your shoes and clothes on poolside, ready to swim
  • if you are arriving straight from school please use the changing room to change and then walk round the side of the house to the patio poolside doors
  • once swimmers have changed parents need to keep hold of all shoes, clothes, and bags at all times
  • please only bring one big swimming bag with you and keep all other items to a minimum
  • please do not leave any bags, shoes etc. in the changing room, everything must be brought round to the pool with you
  • please ensure all pool users use the toilet before swimming, ideally at home where possible

During Lessons

  • parents (one per family) are welcome to stand/sit on poolside (in designated safe areas) or wait in their cars during lessons (preschool & school aged classes)
    only one parent/guardian per swimming household will be permitted to enter the pool complex
  • if you would like to return to your car please let the supervisor know but please do not leave the area without agreeing this with ourselves first

After Lessons

  • swimmers will exit to the changing rooms from poolside. Please change as quickly as possible
  • showers will not be in use


  • if you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 you must let us know as soon as possible and self-isolate, following current government guidelines. Lessons missed due to COVID-19 will be rearranged where possible. If we are able to find another swimmer to take your class during this time your lessons will be carried forward
  • please be respectful to all members of staff, other pool users, the pool owners and those living on Poyle Road at all times. Not everyone is able to social distance or where a mask – please do not judge others and simply report any concerns to us
  • in the event of non-attendance lesson credits will only be given if we are able to refill your slot. Please give us as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend a lesson and we will endeavor to arrange a replacement where possible
  • all previous terms and conditions, as laid out on our website, still apply, unless replaced with a COVID-19 condition as above

We are very appreciative and understanding that this is a difficult and confusing time for everyone. We kindly ask that if you are concerned about any practices or incidents that take place at the pool you speak to us, so that we have the opportunity to resolve this and make changes accordingly – we are also new to this situation and hope that any issues can be raised with ourselves and not taken to external sources, such a social media.

We reserve the right to terminate your lessons, without notice or reimbursement,  if we feel you are deliberately not following our guidelines, in particular social distancing, or if you attend swimming whilst knowing you are infected or have been exposed to someone infected.

By joining us for lessons in September you agree to adhere to the above terms and conditions as well as all other terms & conditions.