We are very proud of the high quality of our lessons, but don’t just take our word for it, see what our parents and swimmers have to say.

I searched around for lessons for my daughter whom was terrified of water,  I decided to go with Seahorses after an extensive chat about her fear with Sophie.  
Sophie replied quickly, communication was excellent, completely understood and accommodating – Sophie suggested doing a summer course, as the week course would get her used to the pool, the teachers and build her confidence in the water, then if everything was OK, we could sign up to lessons in September.  
That week it was just incredible to watch – the transformation was amazing – not only did the teachers get my daughter from clingy never let go of me, fear of water to swimming with confidence aided and actually excited to go back by day 3.  A HUGE improvement – thank you. 

My daughter is now having regular lessons with Sophie and her team.  The lessons are well structured, run on time, the pools are clean and easy to find.  The Team are friendly, polite, happy and genuinely love what they are doing, my daughter feels safe and happy with them.  The change in my daughter is immense Brilliant work Sophie and your team.  Thank you very much.

Allison B.

Both my children (aged 10 and 6) have been learning with Seahorses for more than a year and a half now. When my youngest started, it was the first time he had had lessons and he was nervous and tearful but the teachers gently persevered with him. I’ve been so pleased with his progress – he is confident and happy in the water now and learning well. It’s been just as rewarding watching his older brother develop a good swimming style and I’ve seen this carefully built up each week with the excellent teaching. The teachers really make the most of every minute of each lesson with a structured, comprehensive programme which looks like it will really instil swimming as a real life skill to value and enjoy. They manage to engage the kids as well as keep them focused and the small class sizes are very good. Sophie is so helpful and approachable and I have found the communications and management of the school as professional as the teaching. I can’t recommend Sophie and the team enough!
Selena W.

I changed my 5 year old son’s  swimming lessons to seahorses a few months ago  as he wasn’t enjoying his old lessons and would cry every week. The teachers at seahorses are so good with him and he now looks forward to going every week. He has learnt to love swimming again! His confidence has grown and he is progressing quickly. I also started his 3 year old brother for his first lessons with seahorses. When he started he was very nervous and wouldn’t even have water on his face. With the support and patience of the teachers he is becoming really confident in the water.  The small classes are great and the consistency of teachers is brilliant.
I would not hesitate in recommending them.
Sheryl R.

Seahorses enthusiastic, fun and friendly approach has been perfect for my three year old son who had no swimming experience prior to joining six months ago. Jack really looks forward to his lesson each week and has grown greatly in confidence and ability since he began lessons. The class sizes are small and excellent value for money. I highly recommend them.
Charlotte H.

My 6 year old daughter has been swimming with Seahorses for a year and a half now and she loves it! My daughter was, admittedly, terrified when she first started and I genuinely thought “I’m going to have to stop lessons because she’s so scared.” but after a lot of patience and reassurance from the instructors, she’s now a very confident person in the water.
I really do highly recommend Sophie and her team of instructors, they are not only patient but also very good with keeping the children interested and we’ll behaved whilst in the water, whilst also giving that one on one attention to each child when it’s their turn.
My two year old has just started and the team have been fantastic with her.
Sophie is very approachable with any concern or questions I have which is very reassuring for a parent. Fab swim school with small classes which gives valuable one on one time in each group. Thank you!

Leanne H.

I would highly recommend Sophie & her team of teachers at Seahorses. My daughter got scared in the sea at 2 and refused to even get in a pool without screaming & crying. We gave up with so many other clubs & teachers as my daughter just screamed & cried. Sophie persuaded me to give Seahorses a try & I’ve never looked back. I started my daughter off with the Easter’s week of lessons & my daughter loved it & within a week was in the pool happy as anything & gained her confidence & couldn’t wait for her next lesson. We have now been with Seashores a year & would highly recommend them to anyone. Their swimming techniques are so different to any other class & they are the only people who have gained my daughters complete trust & swimming with Sophie is one of my daughters favourite after school activities.

Bev W